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Jeanetta Meyer's Books


About the Books 

About the Books

These books came into being because of my own personal search for answers from the Word of God. I seemed to come up with questions no one could answer. At the time, even seasoned men of God could not satisfactorily explain these puzzles. In prayer, I said, “Well Lord, You’re just going to have to tell me Yourself!” 


And so began my foray into writing. The more I dug into the Word and the Hebrew and Greek meanings of things in the concordance and Vine’s Expository Dictionary, the more its treasures were revealed. I have since taught classes using these books. If you meditate and pray over them and don’t just read them word for word, each chapter is a good 45 minutes to 1 hour teaching, As a matter of fact, you may find answers you never knew to ask! There are many verses included to back up the premises for the Word tells us that it takes two or three witnesses (scriptures) to confirm the Word. You may even think of more!


The Meditation Tools are a wonderful addition to your library as well. Each is a compilation of scriptures on a particular subject, which can be very helpful in your personal prayer time. Not meant to be read straight through, they can be part of your daily devotion as you build your faith for the Love walk, living in Prosperity, and praying for difficult situations. 


You will also find links to books I have “ghost written” for my Pastor, Arbee Freeman which are also excellent teaching tools. They can be found on Amazon under his name. One is “Strategies for Building the Walls of Faith” – an excellent book for people who are called to pray, that will take you through individual stages of personal growth in prayer, to building effective prayer teams. Another is “The Cargo Ship Grace”, which explains Grace as a position in Christ Jesus that will give you confidence in your walk with Him. Several other books were transcribed from Pastor Freeman’s sermons that are also quite helpful. He passed away in 2016, but his teachings live on.

Jeanetta Meyer

Take it Like a Man: Dismantling the Doctrine of the Suffering Christian (Paperback)

Have you ever heard a care-worn saint say, “I’m just suffering for Jesus.” What is the fellowship of His suffering? What is the “cross” we bear? Intellectual religious tradition has caused much misunderstanding and believers are putting up with burdens God never intended for them to carry. Consequently, much of the Body of Christ is weak, downtrodden, and defeated when they are supposed to be more than conquerors, victorious, full of joy and power. Let’s dig into the Word and find out what's really going on!

The Fruit of Righteousness  (Paperback)

Think you know what Righteousness is? Most believers are foggy on this point and for years have tried to figure out how to become righteous. Many give up hopelessly disappointed in themselves thinking they are doomed to a life of the ordinary because they can never be righteous enough to please God and be used by Him. Jeanetta promises you will be pleasantly surprised by the revelation given to her by the Holy Spirit on the true nature of Righteousness. It changed her life and gave her hope and confidence. She’s sure it will do the same for you!

God on Trial: Is He a Healer or an Abuser? 

Is God a Healer or an Abuser? Arguments and testimonies in a courtroom setting will clear up the confusion and allow you to sift through religious-sounding statements and find the truth.This book will give you the scriptural basis needed to present your case for God's defense to skeptics who believe God no longer heals today, or that you can't know if it is His will to heal. If God is using sickness and tragedy to teach His children lessons, isn't that the same thing as child abuse?? If He's not the one doing it, then who is? Why do we beg for healing, and it doesn't come? Like an attorney, I will cross examine witnesses and attempt to lay out a case in God's defense. I have my own strategy, but my real ace-in-the-hole will be revealed when I put God Himself on the stand; that will be the clincher. Since everyone knows He cannot lie, His own words introduced as Exhibits A and B will serve to condemn or acquit. You are on the jury. What will your conclusion be? Guilty, or Not Guilty?

God's Purpose for Prosperity and Success:
A Meditation Tool (Paperback)

These books are called Meditation Tools because they are a compilation of many scriptures that deal with one subject. They will save you much time looking up the passages yourself, and allow you to concentrate on a few at a time. Meditate on what they mean to you and how they apply to your life situations. 

For example:
Are your finances in a shamble and you don’t know if it’s alright to believe for more? When you meditate on what God says about prosperity you will find your answers. 


The Greatest of These is Love: A Meditation Tool (Paperback)

The purpose of this book is to feed your spirit concentrated doses on one subject: the LOVE of God. Reading a few of these scriptures every day will cause God's love to flourish in your spirit. As believers we've all been given the measure of faith, but if there's no spark to activate it, our faith won't work. Gal. 5:6 tells us that faith works and is energized by Love!


Activating the love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts will foil the plans of the enemy and build a fire of zeal inside us. Walking in love is the mark of a true disciple of Jesus and as you meditate on the Word His love in you increases!

Truth and Light: A Meditation Tool  (Paperback)

Don’t know how to pray for someone who is unlovable?  Has God ever prompted you to pray for someone you did not like? What do you pray? How do you offer heartfelt prayer when your heart is not in it? Jeanetta found herself in this situation. As she asked the Holy Spirit to help her, He gave her a valuable key that unlocked that question. Use this tool in your devotion time as you allow the Word to come alive and illuminate your understanding. 

Character and Authority: The Names and Nature of God  (paperback)

In this book Jeanetta satisfied a long-time dream of hers: to have a reference available that not only describes God’s character and nature as revealed to us in His many names, but the scriptures where these names are used so they can be read in context. Jesus taught us to call upon our Father’s name when we pray, and in so doing, it helps us identify not only with His ability to help us in any area of need, but also expands our knowledge of  Who He is and what He desires to do for us.

Books by Arbee Freeman 
Cargo Ship Grace

Have you stumbled in your Christian walk? Do you feel guilty all the time? Do you wish you could be used of God but you don’t feel like you’re good enough? It's time for you to board the CARGO SHIP GRACE! Come aboard and catch the wind of the Holy Spirit and begin to sail the seas of life with confidence and joy! 


You'll learn what Grace is. You’ll find out what you have to do to qualify as a passenger. (Hint: it is a free gift and you just have to know where to find it and how to get it.) You'll learn about the cargo aboard the ship and how to tap into it and what's yours to use freely! You'll learn that God is inviting you to launch out into the deep. Using the resources and weapons on board, you can take back what the devil stole from you and position yourself for VICTORY and BLESSINGS! You'll learn that as long as you remain aboard the CARGO SHIP GRACE you can weather any storm and conquer any foe!

Armor of Light

When Adam and Eve defied God’s instruction, they “took off” their covering. This book reveals why we need to “put on” the garments God has provided through Jesus Christ. The righteous values of Light are contending with the evil strategies, and attacks of darkness. Intellectual reasoning and doctrines of men are wrestling with the revelatory Truth of God and have proven that they cannot protect the believer. The only way believers can prevail is by putting on the King’s Armor of Light. Arbee Freeman’s prayer is that this book will educate you with the revelation of who you are in Christ Jesus, equip you with the weapons and tools He has given us, which will then empower you to fight the good fight of faith, tearing down strongholds of darkness and building cities of Faith, Hope, and Love for God!

Earth in Travail

What is causing all the upheaval in the Earth? The quakes, the volcanoes, the hurricanes, and the flooding? Has God's judgement on the Earth begun? Some think so, but Pastor Freeman has a Biblical take on these events you may not have heard anywhere else. It's GOOD NEWS for Bible believers, and bad news for the devil's crowd! Read and be encouraged!

Strategies for Rebuilding the Walls of Faith – A Ministry Field Training Manual

This is THE ministry handbook for spiritual leaders; whether planting new churches or retooling an established organization. It is a nuts and bolts description of how to set up cell groups for the purpose of mentoring people in a working knowledge of the Word, and the art of prayer. The structure and wisdom in this book will explain how to set up prayer coverage over the congregation and the various ministry departments within a church body. 


The principles and vision in it need to be imparted to the leaders in order to see spiritual growth in the people so they discover their God-given rights and privileges, understand their place on the team, and are educated, equipped, and empowered to walk their own unique journey with God on this Earth. As that happens, the growth in the people themselves will cause expansion of the Kingdom of God. As spiritual leaders we are responsible for the people God plants in our care (Hebrews 13:17) so it’s imperative we do things “decently and in order”. This manual will help you do just that for the people in your care, and the operation of your particular ministry.

Positioned for Miracles – Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

Some people believe that miracles ended when apostles died. If that's so then why do we see authentic miracles to this day? 


Does God pick and choose when miracles happen and to whom? Or is there something we do to position ourselves to receive them? Arbee Freeman delves into these questions explaining an incident in Jesus’ ministry that few have understood: His encounter with the Syrophoenician woman. Pastor Freeman wants you to know that miracles are not a thing of the past and there are some simple steps believers can take to receive them

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